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    An unknown item is declared as the root of your MXML document.Switch to source mode to correct it.

      Hi Guys, good afternoon!


      I´m trying to resolve this kind of problem because i must to open my flex project (index.mxml) and every time when i need to see the application in design mode, that message above appears. In fact it´s simply impossible to open the project in design mode and some weird and strange fact occur, when i had to open in source mode, in the left panel, the root structure its showed like this root.JPG...and at right panel, in the source editor screen, if i proceed with the line deletion (the empty line number 2)



      ...the root tree becomes available again...as showed in this last picture




      ...and finaly, when i try to launch (run) the index.file, the index.html is generated Ok, but if i try to back in into design view ,the same bug is happening, i mean, the flex builder stop and close with the java error...



      So, please, can anyone help me!