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    RH HTML 8 Glossary Issues

      Using the TRIAL version to check out features for recommendation to a client. I've use RH Word for years; last was X5.


      Built a 4000+ glossary XML file using the structure in a 3-term .glo. Tried to import it with no joy; RH just hems and haws a little bit then displays both panes as blank.


      If I cut down the import file to 3 terms, it will import.


      Now, I have a single-topic project (for show and tell). Running the Glossary Wizard gives results of one topic inspected (correct) with no entries/hotspots made (incorrect). Two of the 4 glossary terms are definiitely in the topic text.


      So, is the glossary mechanism broken or is this a "disabled" feature in the Trial. There's no error or warning messages.


      Definitely a deal-breaker; we've got large specialized glossaries in several departments.


      If this is a Trial issue, where can I find a list of feature disabled? If I'm interested in a feature, I'll test it out; if it doesn't work, I can only conclude the applicable Adobe program just can't hack it -- had that happen in Acrobate Pro 9, so I never upgraded.