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    Creating a Calander that Queries a Folder


      I'm trying to create a calander popup that will look into a folder (rather than a db) and retrieve a file created on that date. Is this possible? If so how (I'm a noob)?

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          Daniel Short

          This is absolutely possible, but your question is a little too vague to give you specifics. You'll need to look into using the cffile tag to get the file off of disk. If we assume that your popup takes a date through the URL, and your files are formatted as "yyyy-mm-dd.txt" in a folder called "myfiles" at the sae level as your popup, then you could do something like this:


          <cffile action="read" file="#ExpandPath("myfiles/#DateFormat(URL.myDate, "yyyy-mm-dd")#.txt" variable="myFileContent" />


          Then, to output the content of the file:




          You can find more information on the cffile tag here:




          Hope that helps,


          Daniel Short

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