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    Adobe Audio Conform

    Takyc Level 1

      I have been using Premiere for so long. I don't know how other NLE now handle audio. Does Vegas or Edius need the process to conform audio?


      When Adobe first came up this audio conformation madatory process implemented in Pro, it stats it's for the sake of modern CPU 32-bit floating processing. All their audio filters are re-written in 32-bit thus enhancing the CPU processing power and realtime audio preview. I instantly found that bogus. Since there're many times I have to wait for Premiere to generate the audio preview (adding audio filter to nested sequence, changing audio pitch...) and for video, the preview is always instant. If conforming audio helps the process of audio preview, why can't the preview be done instantly.


      Then Adobe implement audio conforming to Encore. I have no idea why Encore needs to conform audio since it is just authoring DVD with the audio imported. It gets funnier Encore now needs to conform .m2v files which as just video only MPEG-2 files.


      In CS3, Audo conform always goes in to a indefinite loop. Then the audio conform also cause AV out of synch on HDV .mpeg file after a drop out.


      Now in CS4, if I double click a music file in the Media Browser panel, it conforms the audio too. I just want to preview the music file only.


      Worst, all these conforming process generate huge temp files that needs manually deleted from harddrive.


      Sorry for the rant.