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    Adding Narration to video

      I am new to elements 4 and have gotton through a lot of things but this one got me.


      I have been trying to add a narration to my video with no success.  I have a how to book that has helped a lot but I think this problem is either my computer or the software.


      I want to delete the audio that was originally recorded and add a narrarion and then probably a music soundtrack.


      The narratiion first.  My microphone works in windows so that is not the problem.  Also says the computer is probably working properly.  Elements recognizies the usb microphone in the add narration window.  I start recording but the light on the mic does not blink as it does in windows and I just get static when i play it back.  Also even though I muted the Audio 1 sound track, it still plays.  I have followed step by step instructions and nothing works.  Does anyone have a clue as to what I might be doing wrong?  Should I re-install the software?  If I do, will I loose all my work?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Go to Premiere Elements Edit menu, select Preferences and Audio Hardware. Click on the ASIO settings and ensure that your microphone is properly set up there.


          Some USB microphones won't work. But most standard microphones do, if they are correctly set up in the ASIO settings.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Yes, USB mics seem to be hit-or-miss, with a lot of "misses."


            While you can Alt-click on your Audio Clip and delete it, you could also go to Window>Audio Mixer, and just choose to Mute it. This might be beneficial, should you later change your mind, as the Audio portion is still there, just Muted. Either way, your original source file will not be altered, only the "instance" of it on the Timeline. If you did delete it, you could always go to the Project Panel and choose "Get Audio," or similar syntax. That's one of the nice things about most non-linear editors - they are non-destructive, with regards to the original source files.


            Good luck on the mic. You might want to list the make/model, as someone might have experience with that particular one.



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              Thank you for the help.  I have checked the ASIO settings and my mic is listed although I have no clue as to what the settings should be or what they mean.


              The Mic is a Radio Realtek AC97 USB.  My guess is that you are correct that USB mics or at least some, don't work.  I'm going to try another and see if that works.


              BTW I did check the windows volume settings etc. All seemed correct and my repair tech verified that for me.


              Will let you all know what happens, or if it happens.


              Again, Thank you!  Jim

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                Problem solved!  I changed to a standard mic and it works perfectly.  Thank you both for your answers.