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    Text without padding?

    erkie Level 1

      By default when you create a text block, Fireworks seems to add a few pixels padding around your text. So when you select the text, and try to align it to a guide for an example, the text will snap to guide but will be visually  offset by 2 pixels (upper sample in screenshot).


      What I'd like is text to align exactly to the guide, so leftmost actual pixel of text is aligned to guide (lower sample in screenshot).


      Is this at all possible?

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          pixlor Level 4

          Hmm. I always assumed that was the sidebearing defined in the font. If so, yes, it would be nice for that space to be ignored at the left-most and right-most letter of a text element.


          However, I always just worked around it, zoomed in and nudged my text to align what I wanted to my guideline. For example. If I have a serif font to align to a guideline (perhaps the letter M or I), I want to align the edge of the main stroke, not the tip of the serifs. In such a case, I would need to nudge the text, anyway.

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            Jim_Babbage Level 4

            As Lorraine said, just use the arrow keys to nudge the block over to a couple pixels. The gap does seem to vary depending on font size. (2 pixels at 12 point, 4 pixels at 66 point, using Strong Anti-alias)



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              heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

              This is one of my peaves as well.


              On occasion I would create a rectangle block, select the type and the rectangle and then Text > Attach In Path.

              The Type is 'snugged' perfectly leftmost to the path, much more accurately than a text block in and of itself.



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