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    AdvancedDataGrid dynamically retrieve children

    Mongolian Beef



      I am trying to leverage the AdvancedDataGrid (ADG) to group my records in certain categories.  Now say I have data I want to display on the ADG that can be broken down to group A and group B.  For example:














      Now, I want to be able to dynamically retrieve the children data for when one of the parent nodes gets clicked.  For example, the ADG initially displays groups A and B.  When I click on A, I want it to be able to retrieve all the records for A and display them.  The reason being is that there will be thousands of records for each group and I don't want to pull all of that down initially.  It seems as though the ADG, along with HierarchicalData/CollectionView, expects all of the data to be there in order to be able to group them.  Is there anyway to retrieve each parent's children dynamically within the ADG mindset?