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    removing effect from a still photo


      hello all,

      i'm new to video editing and had tried windows movie maker, but a friend with premiere turned me on to PE so i picked up PE7 and have been working with it.most everything has been fairly straightforward, but this one thing doesn't seem to match what is supposed to be there:


      when i put a clip in the timeline and apply an effect by dragging it on to the clip in the timeline, i see the effect occuring in the monitor panel, but it doesn't show in the task panel. per the help file, i select the clip i want, i see it in the task panel, i select the fx button but there are no effects listed in the panel to the right.

      if i want to remove effects from the clip, i'm supposed to find it to the right and drag it to the trashcan, but it aint showing up where it's supposed to be.

      any ideas why this might by happening or what i'm doing wrong?


      as it is now, i don't have a way to remove an effect from a clip..






      if it makes any difference, it's vista ultimate, let's see.... a q6600 quad-core processor and 4 gigs of ram, but i don't think that should have any bearing here

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          To see the Effects that you have added you need to view the clips Properties Panel. In PE7 you click on the clip in the Timeline to select it, then click the Properties icon, it is above the Timeline, over to the left next to the slider. Otherwise left click on the clip and select Show Properties. The Properties panel will appear and the effects are listed there. To delete an effect, select it in the Properties panel and hit delete, or left click on the effect and select clear.


          Note if you apply a motion or picture-in-picture preset you will not see any applied effect as these effects make use of the Motion effect which is bu default always in the Properties panel.

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            rtdavide Level 1

            ahhhhh, well, since the only effects i have applied have been pans and zooms, i guess that would explain it.


            so to remove a zoom, i would simply set the first and last frames to 100 and it's done with?

            but to remove a pan, how do i delete the effect?

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              Paul_LS Level 4

              Same as setting the Scale back to 100% you need to set the Position values back to their default values of 360 and 288. If you look at the Properties of an untouched clip on the timeline you can see what all the default values are.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Or, if you open the Properties panel for the still, you can simply click to select the effect (Motion, in this case) and click the Reset button in the lower right corner of the panel.


                Sometimes, though, preset effects add additional Motion effects to the Properies panel. Those can merely be selected and deleted.