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    Illustrator CS3 Printing Incorrectly


      I should probably first clarify that I am not a professional graphic artist/printer.  I am a graduate student of architecture who has a Epson R1800.  Printing out of Photoshop CS3 seems to work fine and I am getting reasonable color representation (after setting up a proof, disabling the OS X color controls, etc).  If I attempt to out of Illustrator (and InDesign) I get very poor quality prints.  In Illustrator I have my proof set up to my Epson paper that I am using and my printer settings are as follows:

      Color Management: Illustrator determines colors

      Printer Profile: SPR1800 Standard (right now I just need some black line drawings on regular paper)

      Rendering Intent: Relative Colormetric


      Now, if I change any of my print settings in Illustrator, I see no changes in the print.  If I attempt to make changes by the "printer" window (after selecting File>Print>Printer), I get a warning dialogue and still nothing seems to change.  If I export as an EPS or PDF and print out of Photoshop, I get excellent prints.  I'd like to cut out the middle man (PS) and print straight from Illustrator as opposed to exporting numerous drawings and printing from Photoshop. 

      Any help is appreciated!!