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    Possible to apply alpha to Button skin separate from Button label?

    kid electric Level 1

      I'm using buttons with embedded fonts... without the embedded font, they look great because I have nice alpha-transparency buttons (about 50% transparent) with bold, solid labels on them;  however, when I embed a font for the buttons, it appears it fuses the font graphic to the button skin, THEN applies the alpha (ie. it applies alpha to both the skin and the font)


      Is it possible to separate the Button skin from the label?


      the only hack I can think of to work around this is to essentially have TWO buttons overlapping each other with absolute x/y coordinates, and have the top one have no transparency and the Skin set to Null, so that only the top solid label shows and you can see the alpha-modded skin underneath from the other button... but this makes for inefficient and poorly designed code.  It is clearly a hack... but I don't want to compromise visual appearance.