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    Dynamically adding a datagrid to a dynamic tabnavigator


      I have some query data that looks similar to the what I have below.  What I'd like to do is create new "tabs" for each term and have a filtered datagrid on each tab.


      I have code that generates the tabs based on "term" .. any pointers on how do I assign the datagrids to the dynamic tabs?  It currents creates tabs on the bottom of the front most page.





      <?xml version='1.0'?>
          <term termName="200830">Spring 2008</term>
          <term termName="project">Collaboration Groups</term>
          <term termName="200840">Summer 2008</term>
          <term termName="200843">Summer 2008 Extension</term>


          <term termName="200930">Spring 2009</term>
          <term termName="Dev">Development</term>
          <term termName="Ongoing">Ongoing</term>
          <term termName="workspace">My Workspace</term>
      <studentCourse term="200830">


        <courseName>ENG-102-0,IN2,WE2 [HAW.SP08]</courseName>
        <instructor mail="xxx@xx.xxx.edu">xxx Administrator</instructor>
      <studentCourse term="200840">


        <courseName>ICS-100-0 [LEE.50096.SU08]</courseName>
        <instructor mail="xxx@xxx.edu">xx xxx</instructor>