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    [JS Mac OS X CS3 to CS4]

      I created a program in CS3 for hyperlink. Following code will work fine in CS3. But when i am trying to run this program in CS4 its not giving me any error but i am not getting  expected output.


      var myTextFrame_np = mydoc.pages.item(i).textFrames.add();

      myTextFrame_np.geometricBounds = ["38p0", "26p0", "40p0", "30p0"];

      var source_np = mydoc.hyperlinkPageItemSources.add(myTextFrame_np,{name:'P1:P2'});

      var dest_np = mydoc.hyperlinkExternalPageDestinations.add();

      dest_np.documentPath = myfile;

      dest_np.destinationPageIndex = 2;

      dest_np.viewSetting = HyperlinkDestinationPageSetting.fitWindow;

      mydoc.hyperlinks.add(source_np, dest_np, {visible:false, name:'P1:P2'});


      Can anyone tell me what i need to change in this program to work in CS4.


      Thank you,