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    Flash to premiere cs3 then export to HD

    Markmorrell Level 1



      What i need to do is Create a Flash swf, then import to premiere through third part plugin (flash ants, is this good?), then add some audio, then burn it to DVD.


      The issue is getting the a good quality video from the export from premiere. i have tried to export as HD 1080i  25 high quality but when i play back the output its all jittery is this due to my machine, i have a pretty grunty one though.


      Eventually i would like to create a dvd but it looks like you cant have HD when using Encore so how do i retain the quality?


      Also what size should i make my document in Flash. i have tried 720x480 but this proved to be insufficient. i tried doubling that and then shrinking in premiere which seemed to work quite well when exported ad HD (thou jittery).


      The reason i want to do this is because we have an expo coming up and i want to create a profile for business i work in. This profile will be displayed on a 40inch HD LCD and run from a DVD where the dvd will have to loop.


      The only programs i have are adobe create suite CS3 so we will have to work within these limitations.


      If anyone can help it would be much appreciated






      Intel core duo 2.2Ghz

      2Gb ram

      80GB hard drive

      Windows XP

      Adobe premiere CS3 With all updates as of last week and Flash Ants third party plugin

      Adobe Flash CS3

      Adobe Captivate 3

      Flash Player 10