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    Adobe Captivate to Premiere CS3


      I have a problem


      I want to open an adobe captivate file (with audio) in Premiere. I have tried using a converter to convert the captivate published swf file into avi which worked and played back fine in window media player but when i imported to premiere is went really strange and flickery even in the preview frame. The exported file was just as bad.


      I then tried flash ants plugin for premiere but it will only import the first 5 seconds of the adobe captivate SWF file!


      Can anyone help me


      why doesnt adobe suite  cs3 integrate?




      Intel core duo 2.2Ghz

      2Gb ram

      80GB hard drive

      Windows XP

      Adobe premiere CS3 With all updates as of last week and Flash Ants third party plugin

      Adobe Flash CS3

      Adobe Captivate 3

      Flash Player 10