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    Getting Media Issue with PE4

      I've had PE4 for almost a year with no issues using for home movies.  I've always burned to a DVD burner, then insert the DVD in the E drive.  Never had any problems.  Within the past 2 weeks I've encountered a recurring issue.  Here's what is happening...


      On the Media Downloader, the thumbnails show all of the content/media.  I've run through the thumbnail to make sure it's all there, which it is, and it is checked.  When I click on Get Media, the Copying window appears.  But, it now shows copying 0% even though the VOB blue bar has moved to 100%. Once imported, only about 20% of the content/media actually copies over.  For example, only 6 mins is copied out of 30 mins.


      I've tried reburning to a new disc, redownloading, etc. but keep getting the exact same results.  I'm stumped.  Any ideas?