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    Change framerate?

      I've been working on a stop motion film for my school project, and is currently extremely frustrated. For some reason, Elements has caused all my new frames to be around 2 milliseconds, while the earlier frames were all around 4 millisec. Anyway, I figured that that's okay, but if I could change the framerate of the entire video to a lower number, everything would not be as rushed. However, I can't seem to find a way to lower the framerate other then manual sliding the bar higher for every...single...frame...a process that would take a milennia. In addition, I did find a frame rate preference under Edit >Preferences >Stop Motion Capture. However no matter how low I set that number, there does not seem to be any effect on the film. Is there anyway to change the framerate then?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Robert J. Johnston Level 3

          In the Project media bin, not the Organizer, you can right-click on your video and select Interpret Footage. The first option in the dialog is to change frame rate. If you change to a slower frame rate and your video is already on the timeline, you will have to drag the end of the clip that's on the timeline to the right to expose all the frames.


          You could also use Timestretch to lengthen the video, which in effect lowers the frame rate. For Timestretch, you right-click on your video on the timeline and select Timestretch from the pop-up menu. Then you would enter a lower percentage.