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    Coldfusion 8 -> PdfPTable.writeSelectedRows -> Exception : Use PdfStamper.getUnderContent() or PdfStamper.getOverContent()



      I use a PdfStamper to customize an existing pdf. And I add a PdfPTable with the writeSelecteRows method.

      It worked fine in CFMX7 but when I upgraded to CF8.


      I have an exception with this methode: Use PdfStamper.getUnderContent() or PdfStamper.getOverContent()


      The code is :

      //create the output file
      fileIO = createObject("java","java.io.FileOutputStream").init(newFile);
      //load the template PDF with the iText PDF reader
      reader = createObject("java","com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader").init(pdfFile);
      //load the template into the iText PDF stamper and specify the output file
      stamp = createObject("java","com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfStamper").init(reader, fileIO);
      over = createObject("java","com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfContentByte");
      over = stamp.getOverContent(javacast("int",1));


      I don't know what seems the problem, I use the told method.