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    Video stops in captivate

      Hi everybody,

      my name is francesco and I'm writing from Italy. I've just got captivate 4 and I need to show in my presentations some videos. I don't have flash editor on my pc (I can't afford it at the moment) and what I do is to get different type of videos (.avi, .wmv ,.mpeg, etc.) and edit them with windows movie maker. I process the .wmv file that I get out from movie maker  with a program called "free flv converter vers 1.4.0". Then I import in my captivate project the file that I converted (which now is a .flv file) and during the presentation it stops after few seconds of playing...!

      The wierdest thing is that the first time I did the all thing it worked fine but all the others times I had the same problem... can you guys tell me something about it


      p.s. I did my best writing the all thing in english... please don't make fun of me...