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    Flex Project Exports - Adobe SWC Distribution

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      I'm having a difficult time trying to find any information regarding this so I would be really grateful for any help here. Let's say I have created an ActionScript project in Flex Builder -- I am not using a Flex SDK, it has been removed from the project's library path -- instead I have added one of the playerglobal SWC files from Flash CS4 to the project. This essentially allows me to program within Flex Builder without the overhead of the Flex Framework - which I never use.

      Now, if I wanted to export that project (as a Flex Builder project) when it was completed and make it available via a website, would I run into any legal problems if the playerglobal SWC was exported/distributed along with the rest of the project files - keeping in mind that the project could only be imported/re-published using Flex Builder?

      Thanks in advance for any info.



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          Hi si-robertson, I understand what your dilemma is but I'm not sure I follow why you have your development environment setup like this. You can create pure ActionScript projects from within Flex Builder and these don't use the Flex framework at all - obviously you can't use MXML in these projects .


          While AcionScript projects in Flex Builder might use the same compilers as a Flex project they don't compile in the Flex framework classes; so I'm somewhat confused why you'd even need the playerglobal.swc from Flash CS4 in your project as it'd already have a complementary version of it available?


          If on the other hand you want to access Flash Player 10 functionality, again if you have the Flex SDK 3.2 or greater you can create content via the pure ActionScript projects without the overhead of the Flex framework.


          I know this isn't exactly what you were asking, but in a round-about way it would negate your concern about distributing your project if it contained the playerglobal.swc from Flash CS4 as you wouldn't need to.





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            si-robertson Level 1

            Thanks for the reply FlashGen, and I hear what you are saying. The main reason I am working this way is to keep the project self-contained, if I publicly distribute the exported project I don't want to force people into (a) downloading a newer version of the Flex SDK if required, or (b) changing library file paths etc. A self-contained project is essentially plug 'n' play with no fuss and no tantrums. Also, this may eventually turn into an AIR project (in which case I would have the related AIR playerglobal SWF locally in the project).


            I know distribution the Flex SDK requires permission from Adobe, there doesn't seem to be any information regarding the distribution of playerglobal SWF files though. I'm sure I can't be the only guy working like this.



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              You cannot redistribute the playerglobal.swc on your own.  However if you write just an AS project you should be able to export that correctly and have Builder pick up the right dependencies on playerglobal assuming they use the right SDK.



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                I had a feeling that would be the official answer from Adobe - so I have been thinking of a workaround.


                The playerglobal SWC files cannot be redistributed, that is fair enough, but what if I distributed one of my own SWC files that contained a few of my own classes as well as all of the classes in the flash.* class package? Technically the playerglobal SWC wouldn't even need to be used in that situation.

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                  matt_chotin Level 3

                  That shouldn't be necessary (nor possible).  There is no actual code for the flash.* packages, everything is baked into the Player, so there's nothing to include.  It's strictly used for compilation-time.  If you expect a user to open up Flex Builder you have to be prepared for them to potentially set their project correctly.  But Flex Builder is set up to do project export, deal with Player versions, etc, so I think you're overthinking this.



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                    You are right Matt, and thanks for the replies. If the exported project requires one of the latest SDKs then people should be prepared to download that SDK if necessary. I guess it isn't possible to cover all the bases at all times.