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    When i use a special render for my xfaForm i can't have the complete or finished button when i call process from workspace ?

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      I have a process  "FlexriverInvoice" that contains two steps the first one change a valule ID and pass it to the xfaForm, then a second step use the render service that return a pdf.

      I created a new process "InvoiceCall" , it use "FlexriverInvoice" service in the first step and in the second step it use a writeXml service that put a hardcoded XML to my "c:" , in the advanced settings of xfaForm of my "InvoiceCall" process, i enable rendering with "FlexriverInvoice".


      When i call the process from the workspace, i have the submit button on the pdf file and when i click there is no action.


      When i set the render of xfaForm of the InvoiceCall" process to default, i have the finished button and if i click i have the xml wriiten to my "c:".


      the process .lca is attached to this message, (please remove pdf extension)


      Thanks for your help