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    Using pdfmark in InDesign

    ArcRaj Level 1

      Dear All,


      Can we include the pdfmark concepts in the PS files generated from InDesign?


      Pl. confirm.





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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Yes and No.


          "No" -- ID does not allow arbitrary insertion of PostScript (which is, after all, how the pdfmark operator works).


          But "Yes", you can insert an EPS that contains pdfmark commands. ID should be able to pass it on to the PS file unmodified. But I shudder to think what will happen if you export same to a PDF (best case scenario is the entire command will be ignored).


          (A quick & dirty test with this pdfmark example saved as test.eps:


          [/Page 2 /View [/XYZ 44 730 5.23] /Title (523% Magnification) /OUT pdfmark

          shows, by golly, that it works!)

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            Dave Saunders Level 4

            I don't think this is a scripting question, is it?


            Are you asking for product help? Or proposing a new feature?


            Either way, you're in the wrong forum. Go up a level and pick either the InDesign General Discussion forum or the Feature Requests forum.