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    Embedding flex apps on 3rd party websites - Server requirements

      Hi all!

        I've been learning Flex over the past couple weeks and had a capability question I wanted to ask the community.



      • I'll be running a flex based website on a server from a hosting company.
      • I'd then like to create a smaller flex application (that offers some of the functionality of the main site) that could be widely embedded on other people's sites. The catch is that I want this embedding process to be simple (ie no messing with their sever side software, etc).


      1. Main website - My understanding is that my host company will have to install software on the server to allow it to serve up the flex-based main site. Is this correct?
      2. Smaller App - Can I distribute a simple link that other websites (html-based) could fairly easily copy into their site that would call the smaller flex application and essentially play the app within their current website? 
      3. Smaller App - Would these other websites that wanted to embed my smaller application have to mess with the software on their server in order to use it? If the normal answer is yes, could the websites copy and paste html code that would essentially create a box that would be directly pulling from my main site? See sidereel.com's wa that they maintain a browser bar but still send you to another site for an example.


      Thanks for your thoughts!