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    Casting XML data from class string to int or class Number where to do it?

    Jed Schneider

      I have an httpService request that returns data in an XMLListCollection and then displays that data in an AdvancedDataGird. Of course, the sorting doesn't work properly becuase the data is precieved as a String instead of a number, so it sorts as (1,11,12,,19, 2, 20, 21) and the multi-sort function doesn't work either. I have several places where I can cast this data, but which one will have the least impact on processing time (very large data set). Here is the list of places I've come up with. did I miss one, and which one is best?


      • on the result event of the service call (changes the data globally)
      • on the mutator method for the datagrid (casts the data just for that instance of the data grid)
      • at the item renderer in the data grid
      • labelFunction




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