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    My Wishlist

    the_dirk77 Level 1

      Just some simple features I would like to see in the newest release of Audition:

      - A "single" (and maybe mute) button on the effects rack in MT. This way it's easier comparing the applied effect in solo and all mode and you dont have to click away the rack and search for the effect again.

      - A nicer GUI for the audition effects (Like the ones Premiere has!) I know its not about the looks but about the performance, but there's no harm in having them both right?

      - A more '"musical" EQ on the mixer tracks.

      - White characters for the names of the tracks (or the ability to change their colour) so they will become more recognizable.

      - The ability to send midi to audio tracks (like ableton can) so you can use vocoders which allow this.

      - This one might be a bit tricky : An effect which allows you to assign the inputs and outputs of your soundcard and use connected hardware effects as an effect in audition.

      - Melodyne compatibility (it kind of works now but not quite)

      - A better MIDI engine

      Thats it! I hope at least 1 of them will be considered in Audition 4 (if it's coming that is)!