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    CFPRINT producing blank rectangular sections in printed output

    SherlockTicklesquire Level 1

      Running CF 8,0,1,195765 Standard on Windows Server 2003, Sun Java v. 1.6.0_04 and jpedal.jar of 1,665,959 bytes in size.

      Some vendor-supplied PDFs are printing with blank rectangular areas (approx. 1" x 5") and not always in the same positions if printed multiple times.  Other vendor-supplied PDFs always print correctly.  jpedal.jar file was updated to version supplied by Adobe Support.

      Completely outside the realm of CF8 I have printed a problematic PDF with (1) FoxIt Reader v. 3.0 Build 1506 and (2) PDF-XChange Viewer v2.0 Build 41.5; both print the document extremely quickly and perfectly.  Interestingly, JPedal's PDF viewer (located on http://jpedal.org) was able to read the PDF file, send the data to my Xerox printer, but the printer threw an error and never printed any sheets.

      My question: why would <CFPRINT> not also print the same PDF correctly?


      Thank you.