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    Linking from a html webpage to an image in a photoflow component



      I will apologise first as I am very new to the world of flash but am trying to do something that (to me) seems fairly complicated.


      I am using the photoflow component in flash as an image viewer, I would like to link to individual images within the viewer from html webpages.

      I have a link in a HTML page. The link goes to a .swf file that shows a  gallery of images that are defined in an xml file.

      Currently I can define the startposition of the .swf file in the xml  file in a simple way (i.e. center). Can I define the start position in  the HTML link to go to the desired image?

      In other words

      link 1 = Startposition Image 1
      link 2 = Startposition image 2
      link 3 .... etc.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.