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    Variable Scope


      I have made a variable Bindable and Public in an MXML file. How do I access this variable in the Root(main MXML) file?



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          nikos101 Level 2

          Hi welcome to the forum, I hope you find lots of help here and we look forward to your contributions as well


          In regards to your question, if its a child of the main file then just




          Hope this helps


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            hkpadobe Level 1

            Hi Nikos,


            I have a 10 separate mxml files that make up my application. As in my question I need to access a variable I have created in one of the 10 files in the main mxml file. I tried your suggestion and got the following error:  1119: Access of possibly undefined property  through a reference with static type Class.


            Any clues?



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              nikos101 Level 2

              You need to use the id of your component, not the name of the class ie


              You have a component called Component.


              You create that component and give it an id  say     george.


              then you do george.property not Component.property




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                hkpadobe Level 1



                Tried that and got the following error: 1120: Access of undefined property myPage2.


                In my main mxml file I have got an Import statement that imports all my Components, so not sure why this error has arisen.


                I am accessing the variable in the main mxml file in an TextInput field as follows:





                x="825" y="460" id="totVal" width="85" text="{myPage2.totalValue}"/>


                totalValue is a variable I have declared as Bindable and Public in another one of my mxml files, so all I want to do is access this variable in the TextInput field.



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                  Michael Borbor Level 4

                  Hi there, as Nikos wrote what you need is to add the component inside your mxml and give the component reference an id: for instance if in your mx:application is like this:


                  <mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" 


                  Then you add any of the components you have to your mxml app file and give the component an id.

                  <myPage2:myComponent id="test" />


                  And finally you can reference the public var




                  x="825" y="460" id="totVal" width="85" text="{test.totalValue}"/>

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                    hkpadobe Level 1

                    Michael, Nikos


                    Thanks for your input. I have access to the variable via your sugguestions.