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    AIR file extensiòn *.air - howto help needed



      I have Adobe AIR (es nou)

      I have Adobe Media Player (es nou)

      I have Adobe Flex Builder (es nou .. 3.0)


      I have Adobe AIR project in Adobe Flex Builder

      It not run the Adobe AIR Program >>> Windows not

      can make AIR runtime and AIR fitxers.

      PERO>>> meu fitxer es totalment correctament ....

      i function in Flex Builder but not other.....


      Comes es that I can run the AIR programes The Adobe Media Player

      but Error comes with download AIR programes and comes I have Error.

      vale... the download AIR progames from web look diferent and have icones.

      but me programes not. Is no icona....is only file plus extensiòn air....per exemple "holamon.air"

      I installa the Adobe AIR other second time and problem comes also other second time...


      I not know this to work OK....perhaps I have Error Windows Vista?

      crec no tinc...pero possi....




      how to make associate the Adobe AIR fitxer and Adobe AIR runtime?

      No have opcións in Tauler de control ?

      You perhaps know ?


      Can you are help me please?



      Moltes Gracies


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          If I understand correctly, perhaps the air file extension is improperly mapped on your pc.


          In Windows Explorer perform the following:


          Tools --> Folder Options --> File Types


          Look for the AIR extension (see screenshot).


          Click advanced (see screenshot)


          Click "Edit"


          In the field labeled "Application used to perform action" mine has c:\PROGRA~1\COMMON~1\ADOBEA~1\Versions\1.0\ADOBEA~1.EXE "%1"


          Yours should be similar.  If you want to browse for the program, it's typically located in program files\common files\Adobe AIR\versions\1.0\Adobe AIR Application Installer.exe


          Good luck! My apologies if I've misunderstood.

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            moltes gracies amic.....extensiòn OK now


            pero not is working I have Error

            The Error say


            It was not possible to have installed the application,

            the file AIR is damaged. There tries to obtain a new

            file AIR of the author of the application.


            No se ha podido instalar la aplicación, el archivo AIR está dañado.

            Intente obtener un nuevo archivo AIR del autor de la aplicación.





            no entenc....es function in Adobe Flex Builder .... que passa?

            es no function in normal Windows Vista...