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    How to improve sync (audio and video) in H.264 ?

    lanstrad Level 1

      I will try to reformulate my question (may have been unclear in my previous post.... )


      I am trying to create an output from a project in Premiere, using Adobe Media Encoder (CS3), using the H.264 codec.


      My output is perfect in terms of quality of video and audio, except that audio and video are not in perfect sync. There is visually almost half a second difference in the lip-sync.


      I do not have this delay (either directly in Premiere, when exported to WMV, or even on DVD produced with Encore).


      How can I improve sync between audio and video in h.264 ?








      Core 2 duo 3.0 - 4 GB RAM

      Win Vista x64 sp1

      Adobe Prod Premium CS3 (and CS4)

      nVidia 7300 GT