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    fmstyles.css propagation, handoff to engineer

      So, here I am with the ATCS, hoping to complete a FM8 book conversion to hand off to my engineer. Neither of us have worked with RH online files before.
      First, I understand that fmstyles.css is to become my "master" file (I define styles there and save it off somewhere carefully for the next victim). Is the mapping file also a master I should save once I've set it up (since all FM p-tags and c-tags will be mapped in that.

      Anyway, if I select the Book file Properties, and update styles from there, the changes I make do not seem to propagate down to the individual chapters in mybook.

      Also, how do I make the TOC I've added be the "default"?

      Last, what on earth am I supposed to give to the engineer, and how does she hook her application into my help topics (I got the Help IDs in through use of a header file with #define statements, thanks to Adobe developer suggestion). We looked at the .NET samples, but that doesn't really say "Put this file here, import IDs, or whatever." So, we're basically lost in space somewhere.

      Thanks for any help. Sorry to be so uninformed, but it seems very mysterious to me: I don't recall having such difficulties with WebWorks help, though I love the ability to import my Frame book into RH and see the results.