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    H2 Config Flex Builder as an Eclipse Plugin(as opposed a Standalone)

      Hi - I'm trying to install Flex 3.2 as an Eclipse plugin on a Windows machine, and have followed the Release Notes which specify both modes of installation - 'Standalone' and 'Eclipse Plugin' (adobe.com/support/documentation/en/flex/3/releasenotes_flex3_fb.html#install_plugin_win) .


      However after following the Plugin install directions, I have ended up with a 'Standalone' installation. Everything was dumped into the Adobe\Flex Builder 3 directory. And I can't see why??


      In comparing the 2  methods of install, they are almost identical. And for the Plugin Install, there is no mention of pointing the install to the Eclipse installation folder(although for a Mac Plugin install there is this pointer). So I know that somehow Flex must be installed into the Eclipse directory as a plugin, but then everything that got installed(by running  FB3_win.exe) in Adobe\Flex Builder 3 does not belong in the Eclipse directory either. Actually in looking at the Flex Builder vs Eclipse folders, it looks like only the 'features'  and 'plugins' folders now installed in Flex Builder need be moved to the Eclipse folder.


      Can anyone suggest how to make the transtion to a Plugin install? Run the FB3_win.exe again to point to Eclipse? Or drag + drop the 'features'  and 'plugins' folders from Adobe\Flex Builder 3 to Eclipse?


      I'd appreciate any pointers - or how your Eclipse/Flex Builder plugin installation is set up.