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    Changing check box actions from mouse behavior to a checked or unchecked logic

      Sorry guys...I'm sure this has been addressed in this forum somewhere, I just couldn't find it.



      Here's my question:


      • Right now, I can assign an action to a check box that will reveal a hidden field or which will hide a visible field on mouse down, mouse over, mouse up, etc.  However, I'm wanting to have a check box that hides some fields if checked and then reveals them again if unchecked.  (and likewise, I'd like it also to reveal hidden items if checked and hides them if unchecked).  In other words, I want a behavior that says:  "If checked do X, and if unchecked do Y."  I'm assuming this is a Java scripting function, but I'm a Java novice.  Any advice?



      Let me sneak in a second question while I have your attention!  :


      • Is there any way to email a form with data populated (i.e.  Create a button to do so...or otherwise if not)?


      I'm using Acrobat Pro 6.0 (I know...I know, but it's what my company will buy license to use...) BTW.


      Thanks in advance.