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    Why does Adobe 9.1 completely suck?

      I just upgraded to the new Adobe Reader 9.1 and it seems to me that this is the absolute worst version of reader that I have ever come across. I have yet to see something so pathetically slow when it comes to doing anything and everything. Not just one action makes this program run like ****, it would seem that all actions do. I tried to simply zoom in on an area and the only thing that was accomplished was the percent of zoom listed at the top of the screen went up and the image re-positioned itself off the ******* screen. After of course sitting there in what appeared to me as a frozen state for about 5 minutes.


      Its the same thing when you attempt to do anything with this pile of garbage that adobe has released as a "new" PDF reader. I simply tried to open a file and then rotate it to the correct orientation so I could see/read it. This process took me 10 minutes. I was using 9.0 before which came installed on this brand new laptop I am using and that ran flawlessly compared to this steaming heap of ****. Seriously what were you guys doing over there when you were writing this program? Is the entire staff body taking multiple hits of ACID for lunch before return to their desks to finish writing the code for Adobe Reader 9.1? I mean seriously come on guys I could draw the PDF faster than your new version could open it. You just managed to make Microsoft Vista's release look good compared to you. Unless this was your ultimate goal you have failed so badly that it has driven me back to using a version that works, like Adobe 7.


      Aside from that some one needs to either do some house cleaning when it comes to your employees (especially those in quality control, if that department exists at Adobe) and think about offering jobs to the people with some actual tallent/skill even if this means that you have to hire them for more than the slave wages that you must be paying now. I can only imagine the level of incompitance that has to be working for this company when products like this are released. A good software model is something along the lines of: Version number goes up = Product becomes better. I am not sure where the confusion came into play here, but that is how the rest of the world does it and it seems to have worked pretty good so far. From what I see you wouldn't be bad off firing all of your staff and repackaging Adobe Reader 7.0 as the new and improved Adobe Reader 10. The masses will be sure to rejoice when they receive a product from you that doesn't waste their time being a piece of **** and wastes it opening PDFs at work instead.


      Get your **** together Adobe, this is just embarrassing.