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    linked files being cleared

    EricGM Level 1

      I'm having a weird problem, more related to Flex Builder, so if there is a better place for this, just let me know.


      I have a php folder that is linked into my workspace to make it easier to navigate to those files since they live on the local server folder, not the project folder.  Whenever I export a release build, the contents are cleared of all the php files, but not other files like .txt files.  By cleared I mean they still exist with 0 bytes, just the contents are completely removed.


      Has anyone else run into this?  Does it have anything to do with the check boxes in the folder properties called "Archived" and "Derived"?  Now that I know this and have recovered from my day of lost coding, it's not a huge deal to copy the files from a safe location after exporting, but dangerous if I forget in the future.



      - Eric