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    fading in multiple images at different times

      Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to video editing and just picked up PE 7.  I'm creating a video for my friends and am trying to figure out if something is possible in PE 7.  Basically I have 4 images, one is a picture of myself by a lake (we'll call this image A), the other 3 are 'cut-out' images of friends (backgrounds of friend images are all white so videomerge is easy).  What I want is to take each of the 3 images of my friends and have them fade in next to me in image A.  I would like for them to fade in one-by-one until all 4 of us are on the screen at the same time.


      What I've done so far is dragged image A to create a new scene, then I dragged the first of my friends over image A and hit 'Yes' on the videomerge so that my friend appears over image A.  Then I went to go edit that first friend image and set it to fade in.  When I preview it works fine, that first friend fades into the picture.  Then I added the second friend over image A and set him to fade in as well.  When I preview it both friends fade in at the same time, which is not what I want.  My question is...how can I get the images of my friends to fade in over image A at different times (one after the other)?  Is there some kind of 'fade-in' time setting?  I can't seem to figure it out.  Appreciate any help!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It sounds like you're on the right track, kaner.


          If you're not working in timeline mode, switch over from sceneline mode and this should be a cinch.


          Each piece you're laying down is going on another video track. If you scroll up on the timeline, you'll see each one.


          Controlling when they fade in is as simple as positioning the clips (and trimming their lenghts if necessary).

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            greg stuart Level 1

            Hi Kaner,


            You would be placing the clips of different friends on different tracks.So you can place the desired position on the timeline from where you want the image of the second friend to start appearing.In this way you can adjust the time setting of each of your friend's clip.Please update your findings.