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      I'm using CS4, Matrox RT.x2, Windows XP Pro.  For some time now, everything has functioned well, except I'm getting poor image quality within Premiere on the Source and Program Monitor windows.  It's soft and the color is a little flat.  This extends to export results, too.  Basically, I'm doing the same as I did with my older PP1.5, Matrox 100, Windows XP Pro system;  I take SD footage from my Sony PD-150, capture it by firewire from a Sony DSR-30 DVCAM deck directly into the computer.  I've tried going from the deck with firewire into the Matrox breakout box and used every conceivable setting with very little improvement.  Admittedly, the new computer was only setup with a single system drive of 300GB.  I have a feeling this isn't helping.  My older system had 3 separate drives.  Any suggestions?