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    Can't see project file in disc menu

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      Hi all - I've just made my first film and went to disc menu, chose my template for the menu and scene selection, dragged it to the window etc. but now need to drag a clip to the menu.  When I am in disc menu I can't see my project file or any of my clips (except for in the timeline), all there is in the task pane are the selections of menu templates.  I have a project folder showing in Edit but not Disc Menu.  Can anyone help?

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          Paul_LS Level 4

          I think you are doing it the wrong way around. First you edit your movie, then add your DVD markers... Scene Markers, Stop markesr etc and then add the disc menu. The main menu and scene buttons will then be automatically added to the menu. You can then do some customization of the menu.


          Over on Muvipix in teh Complimentary section there is a Steve Tip's that explains the menu markers.


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            Thanks so much for answering but I have already done all that.  I have edited, added scene markers, chosen the menu template etc. then gone to disc menu and need to add a clip to the main menu window where it says "add media here" - it is just to show a clip on the menu page rather than a black hole.  When I looked on help it showed that there should be a project file icon from which I drag my media to the menu window but it isn't there on mine.


            Thanks for your time anyway.  I hope someone else can help - I would be most grateful for more comments/advice.

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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3

              Talking about a rude response.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                It sounds like you're trying to use a menu with a drop zone (Add Media Here). Is that the case?


                If so, can you tell us which template you're using and what you're seeing when you add the media?


                In most cases, once you add a clip to the drop zone, you need to size and position it.

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                  Hi - thanks for your reply,


                  Yes that's right, it is a drop zone into a menu template in the disc menu.  Trouble is I can't find my media on that page to drop into it in the first place.  Shouldn't I be able to see the project folder to get my clip from and drag to the "add media here" area?  Sorry if I'm not explaining it well - I am a complete novice at film making and forums!

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    This is for PE4, so things might be slightly different in other versions. In the main tab area, make sure you are in Edit. Then below, click on the Project tab. Your Assets will display there. Exactly how they display will depend on your display settings. If it has been Imported, it should appear there.


                    Now, with Menus with Motion Backgrounds, remember that there is a 30 sec. max limit to the Duration of a Menu in PE (do not know if it was bumped up in PE7). When I create a Motion Background AV, I do so on a Sequence in PrPro2. PE does not have Sequences (kind of like mini-Projects), so if I were using PE, I'd do a separate Project and would edit my Motion Background to fit, then Export as a DV-AVI Type II, for Import into my Project. With PrPro and Encore (my authoring program), there is a 40 Duration limit, and that is what I do. I also Export my Audio as an elemental stream, rather than use a muxed AV file, and Export these separately, then Import them separately into Encore. Now, I do not know if PE automatically truncates the Duration of the Motion Background Asset to 30 sec., of if one needs to do this separately. Steve, or Robert can fill in that blank for you. However, my method should work fine, but might include an extra step, if PE does the trimming automatically.


                    Now, if you are using an AV Asset from the Template list, you will probably have to Import that separately, as I do not think that PE uses the .EM format, that links Menus (.PSD's) and other Assets for Motion Backgrounds (.WMV, .MPEG, .MOV, or other). Again, one of the PE experts can tell you about that.


                    Good luck,