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    Ignoring VST plugins or PP crashes... Blacklist.txt?



      Kind of new here (used to come around, but years have passed).


      I recently cross-upgraded to Premiere Pro Mac from my rather dated Adobe video apps on Windows.

      Very excited about using the app and getting my videos going again.


      I've been hitting a road block when scanning/initializing certain VST plugins on the system. They are instrument plugins used to support audio workstation/sequencing apps (Logic Pro, Ableton Live).


      Premiere Pro crashes multiple times when scanning the VST directory (system/library/audio/plug-ins/vst, IIRC).


      Thing is, it crashes on a few of them every time it does a scan... Native Instruments Battery & Massive, as well as Novation V-Station.

      These are instrument plugins (as are most of my others), so I'd really like to just remove them from Premiere Pro's view of the system.


      I've been reading about how to get PP to ignore certain plugins, and found an article suggesting using a file called Blacklist.txt to get this done.

      Supposedly, if you create the text file alongside the plugins (within the plugins directory), PP will ignore the ones in the list (line delimited).


      Tried it, but it still scanned and crashed.


      Perhaps the article is dated and Blacklist.txt doesn't work?

      Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how to use the file? (I have the plugin names listed, one per line... relative path... does it need to be fully qualified?)


      Anyway. Just trying to figure this out.

      It doesn't SEEM to be a big deal, since after the initial scans and crashes, it seems to set the plugins to ignored internally (verified via a few of the PP log/config files), so perhaps I can just leave it. However, I prefer to have a very clean system, so much so that I'm running various system tests via PP in "demo" mode before figuring out the best config, activating, and making a backup.


      System specs:

      OS X 10.5.6

      Premiere Pro CS4 (4.0.0)

      Mac Pro 2.8 x 8... 6GB memory

      ATI 3870 video card

      Focusrite Saffire audio interface (core audio drivers)

      MOTU Microlite MIDI interface

      Logic Pro & Live

      Native Instruments, Novation, IK Multimedia, Spectrasonics and izotope plugin suite


      Also, I came to the conclusion that it was unhappy plugin scanning by watching where the scanner bailed/failed, and reading the crash dumps it creates. Pretty sure that's the issue, but I'm open to other ideas from those with more experience than I.


      Thanks in advance,

      - zevo

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          Eddie Lotter Level 4

          Welcome back.

          >Perhaps I'm misunderstanding how to use the file?

          Indeed. All you need is the file name of the plug-in, and only the files in the directory in which the file is found. Unfortunately that means a blacklist file in every folder you have plug-ins you want to ignore.


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            inmazevo Level 1

            OK, cool. Thanks.


            It would seem I'm misinterpreting the definition of "file name."


            So, in my VST directory I have a set of VST plugins (mine are all in the same root directory... the Mac default)...

            -- [system-drive]/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST

            Within that directory, say one's called FM8.vst and I want to ignore just it.

            I put the Blacklist.txt file in the root vst directory, beside the FM8.vst file (which is actually a directory), and the entry in Blacklist.txt would be "FM8.vst" (ie - the folder containing the actual executable)?


            Or, do I put the Blacklist down inside the FM8.vst directory:


            And the Blacklist.txt entry would be "FM8" - the executable itself.


            And I guess there's a 3rd possibility, which would be the first example, but the Blacklist.txt entry would be "FM8" - sans the .vst.


            I did the first, which didn't work.

            One blacklist file with the vst "files" listed one-by-one in the root directory.


            Sorry for the semi-noob question.

            I'm the definition of out-of-the-loop right now, but I'm patient.


            - zevo

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              Eddie Lotter Level 4

              >Sorry for the semi-noob question.

              No problem.

              The blacklist file must go in the folder itself, while the filenames (of the files contained in the folder) go in the black list file.

              In other words you cannot put a folder name in the blacklist file (although that would be a great feature request) to have PPro ignore all the plug-ins in that folder.


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                inmazevo Level 1



                I'll try that then.


                Can't wait to get past initial system setup and off to making videos again. I'm a hobbyist in almost every way where video is concerned (home movies, etc.), but I'd like to get to the point where I can navigate/configure the video suite apps as easily as I can navigate/configure audio apps (where I'm not a noob at all, though not an expert of all things audio workstations).


                I've been out of it for so long (video) that I have a good 80 hours of home videos waiting to be edited, cleaned up, etc.

                I won't be a noob very long with all that (hopefully, though I'm sure 80 hours is pretty small compared to folks doing it as a profession).


                Thanks again,

                - zevo

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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  You're welcome.

                  You will also find links to many free tutorials in the PremiereProPedia that will quickly show you how things are done in Premiere Pro.

                  Happy editing. Happy editor


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                    I was happy to find this discussion. I was referred to a previous post of Eddie's that describes the blacklist.txt solution. I  only have 15 out of 30 days left on my trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements 7, and I still haven't been able to launch it successfully. When I try to launch the software, I get a series of "can't load module" error messages and then my Windows Vista Ultimate OS returns an error saying that Adobe Premiere Elements has stopped working. I have identified the vst plugins it is trying to load as being in this directory C:\Users\Elaine\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\FASoft\n-Track Studio 5\DontuseVstplugins\DontuseFreeAmp2


                    I read somewhere that changing the name of the directory might help, so that's why I prefixed the last two directory names with "Dontuse".


                    Here are the current files in that folder along with the blacklist.txt file I created


                    EVM RECTIFIER2.SEP


                    The content of blacklist.txt is exactly the same, including the filename "blacklist.txt".


                    I created the blacklist.txt file, uninstalled Adobe Premiere Elements, reinstalled it, rebooted, and then I still get exactly the same error messages.


                    I would appreciate some advice on how to solve this problem. I identified Adobe Premiere Elements as the best program to use for my purposes, but now I can't use it. I am willing to try other solutions but need step-by-step instructions if possible. I would appreciate any advice and help. I've spent weeks on this now.

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                      Eddie Lotter Level 4

                      I believe the blacklist file is new to CS4, so it won't work with PE 7.

                      Try renaming the "FASoft" folder. If that does not work then PE might be looking elsewhere.

                      Search your entire hard drive for all instances of the problem VST plug-ins and rename their parent folders. Keep a list of what you do so you can undo it later.


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                        inmazevo Level 1

                        I'm still trying to get this to work.


                        I have a question, and then I'll explain what I've done so far:

                        Is the blacklist.txt filename case sensitive?

                        I'm calling mine Blacklist.txt, because the wiki page recommending it spells it that way. Should it be blacklist.txt?


                        Here's my VST directory (on Mac):



                        Within the VST directory, I have a group of VST plugins (here's a partial list):

                        Battery 3.vst





                        As stated in my original post, I tried putting the Blacklist.txt file at the root VST level, with each vst named per line. This, of course, didn't work.


                        On macs, each vst plugin is actually a directory.

                        You won't see this viewing through the finder... the .vst directories look like files (IIRC, the .vst files on Windows actually are files, not directories containing files as on Mac).


                        Via the command line you can cd into each .vst file/directory and you'll see this as your pwd (present working directory):

                        /Volumes/[system_drive]/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/VST/Massive.vst/Contents/[some files and directories]

                        One of the directories contained within the Contents directory is called "MacOS," which contains the actual binary of the vst... in this case: "massive" (no extension).


                        So, I tried putting Blacklist.txt file there, with a single entry "massive," which is the filename of the executable. Didn't work.

                        I bumped it up one directory [into Contents], and that didn't work.

                        I bumped it up again [into Massive.vst], and that didn't work.

                        If I bump it up again, it'll be back in the root VST directory, which is the first thing I tried.


                        I must be missing something really subtle... perhaps one of these:

                        - Blacklist.txt should be called blacklist.txt

                        - the entry in the blacklist.txt file should be massive.vst, even if sitting beside the filename massive (within the massive.vst/Contents/MacOS directory)

                        - the entry in the blacklist.txt file should be massive, and sitting in the root VST directory (a variation of the first thing I did)


                        Sorry. I couldn't find any detailed instructions for blacklist.txt, in particular the (possible) different ways of using it depending on whether you use Mac or Windows, casing rules, etc.


                        I'll keep trying, but if anyone sees my error, I'd love to hear it. :-)


                        (edit - PS: I'm rebooting between each of these tries, as recommended on the wiki)



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                          Eddie Lotter Level 4

                          I'm sorry you're having this problem.


                          Unfortunately I don't know any of the Mac specific issues. Hopefully a Mac user will jump in and help.




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                            inmazevo Level 1

                            No problem. You've been quite helpful.


                            I'm a software dev by day, so I'll just walk through all the variables until it works.


                            I remember having to do the same sort of learning when starting audio production years ago. Trial and error, with occasional lightbulbs... it's second nature with me there now, and I'm not in a particularly hurry to have PP working perfectly, so... no big deal.


                            It would be nice (feature-request-wise) to have a plugin manager within the app, with enable/disable checkboxes. Most of my audio apps have this, and it's particularly useful for situations such as this. Perhaps there's something there already, but I'm so new with Premiere Pro that I haven't gotten to the tutorial phase yet... books, etc. I walked around the UI looking for something and haven't seen it yet.


                            Thanks again,

                            - zevo

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                              elrodalta Level 1

                              Hi, Eddie,


                              Thank you so much for this reply to my post. I still haven't been able to try it but have bought a book about Vista to help me understand User Account Control and how I can rename a system folder. It'll probably be good in the long run because I'll understand that whole area better for the future.



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                                elrodalta Level 1

                                Just thought I'd let you know that the suggestion to rename the FASOFT folder worked. Thank you so much. Now I can actually use the remainder of my trial period to decide whether to buy the Premiere Elements 7 software.

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                                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                                  You're welcome. Happy editing. Happy editor


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                                    I am having this problem too, only I'm on a PC (with Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2).

                                    Suggestions were to rename the VST folder, or move the files, so on and so forth, every time I load one program or the other.

                                    Here, let me quote my responses to those suggestions:

                                    See that is part of the problem, I don't want to have to keep going in and re-naming my VST folder every time I load one program or the other, because I go back and forth between programs a lot.

                                    That's a lot of wasted time and effort.

                                    As a temporary solution, I just moved all of my VST's to a new folder I made and changed the VST folder path in Reaper (my recording software) to match that of the new location of the VSTs.

                                    However, I don't like this either, because whenever I get new VST's, insead of just going through and clicking install, I have to manually change the install location for the actual VST file to the new folder location.

                                    Either way, I'm trying to avoid having to do all this extra work.

                                    So, has anyone else found a solution to this problem?


                                    (Linkage to my thread)

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                                      For windows users and disabling ALL VST plugins, look at my answer in this thread:




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                                        Does PProHeadless.exe honour the blacklist file?   My PP runs fine but when I go to export PProheadless.exe crashes on one of my VSTs (Rapture32LE.dll).  I tried the blacklist.txt strategy to no avail.  In the end I renamed the VST to *.dl_ which worked but isn't an ideal solution...


                                        Just  to confirm:

                                        My VST folder is path/to/vstplugins/


                                        The VST file is at:



                                        I should put a blacklist.txt file with text "Rapture32LE.dll" in the folder: