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    Adobe allow reader to be default reader

      There is a lot of discussion about whose fault it is that the .pdf file association can't keep default assoication.  I would like to know if Adobe will fix this?  I realize there is a possible beneifit to the company if we need to upgrade Adobe Pro to keep up with reader but my company is not going to do that - not an option.  Currently, everytime there is an update to the reader program or Acrobat - which by default happens automatically - the .pdf file association is jacked!  Then IT support has to connect to every computer and reset their .pdf file assocation so pdf file can be opened in a browswer or email - whatever.


      So, if I can't keep my existing Acrobat Program and use the latest Adobe Reader then I need a new solution for our company.  In the end, doesn't matter whose fault it is, if Adobe can't write software that holds the configuration I will have to look for different software.