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    I have a chart but the datatips are not working

    nikos101 Level 2
      I have a chart but the datatips are not working, any ideas how I can fix?

      <mx:LineChart x="54.55" y="9.05" id="ratingsChart"
      alpha="1.0" width="940.2273" height="400" showDataTips="true">
      <mx:Stroke id = "s1" color="blue" weight="2"/>
      <mx:Stroke id = "s2" color="red" weight="2"/>
      <mx:Stroke id = "s3" color="magenta" weight="2"/>
      <mx:Stroke id = "s4" color="black" weight="2"/>
      <mx:Stroke id = "s5" color="cyan" weight="2"/>
      <mx:Stroke id = "s6" color="green" weight="2"/>
      <mx:LinearAxis interval="1" minimum="1" />
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series1" lineStroke="{s1}" displayName="Enth"
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series2" lineStroke="{s2}" displayName="X "/>
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series3" lineStroke="{s3}" displayName="Professionalism"/>
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series4" lineStroke="{s4}" displayName="Excellence >
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series5" lineStroke="{s5}" displayName="Results"/>
      <mx:LineSeries form="curve" id="series6" lineStroke="{s6}" displayName="Team "/>