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    How is Pr Elements at downscaling?

    Curt Wrigley Level 4

      I spend all my time using PPro/Encore so I dont have the pleasure of hanging out here much.   But my son has an HDV camcorder and wants to make regular SD 16:9 DVDs (he doesnt have a blur ray burner)


      My question is; how is Pr Elements at downscaling HDV content to SD?    Sadly PPRO is not that good at it.  There is a new option in CS4 that allows PPRO to do a better job, but it still is not as good as some 3rd party solutions at downscaling HD to SD.


      So; Id love to hear your experience in doing this in Elements.  Id like to recomend it for my son, who just wants to edit some home movies down to SD DVDs.