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    can i create standard objects

      hello - is it possible to create a standard set of objects i commonly use so they have my look & feel, without creating a whole project or design template? when i create a project using software demo template, i need to go thru and edit all the text boxes, etc. (i'm as new as they come, to captivate! just installed trial version 4/6/09). i appreciate your help!

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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi there


          Unless I'm mistaken, what you have described is handled using templates. (Design or Project)


          Unless someone has a magick wand, I'm unaware of another way to do it.


          Note that the beauty of a template is that you design it once and simply use it time and again thereafter to achieve your look and feel.


          Cheers... Rick



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            thanks, rick. for some reason, i'm averse to the idea of templates, but i see i will have to get over it. i suppose i could have a bare-bones template, which only included those features i wanted to be standard across all my product... i will investigate the use of design templates further. thanks!

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              CatBandit Level 3

              Janet, if the use of templates bothers you, just create a new Captivate project (name it, say, "my_objects") and create the objects you want to use inside the my_objects projects.  You can leave it open in a 2nd instance of Captivate when you are working in a 1st instance, then copy new objects to the clipboard as you create them, and paste them into your my_objects project.  To rehash:


              1)  Create a project called my_objects.CP ... or perhaps my_library.CP
              2)  Create your "base" objects in it then save it to that name (or any name of your choosing)
              3)  Leave my_objects open anytime you are working with another project (separate window)

              4)  As you create new objects you want to add, copy them to the clipboard (CTRL+C), then ...
              5)  ALT+TAB over to the my_objects project
              6)  Paste the contents of the clipboard to the my_objects project (CTRL+V)


              Have a nice day - I hope this is helpful.

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                hi catbandit - thanks so much for your helpful comments. i've been trying to establish my preferred text box, since it needs to have some background color so it pops off the page. when i choose, say, pastel orange, suddenly the dimensions are restricted and i cannot make it below a certain height. also, when i create a <custom> text box, say by choosing Pastel Orange 1 from the list, the same thing happens AND the call out styles (where the comment points to) are missing. i'm quite stymied by how to do this. also, the check box to apply to various settings confuses me. and the manual isn't very helpful. thanks in advance if you have additional help to offer!

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                  RoboWizard Level 4

                  Hi Janet


                  Those are Text Captions, not Text Boxes. (When you say Text Boxes, we think "Text Entry Boxes". )


                  A Text Caption is normally composed of a collection of Bitmapped Images and associated Margins files. The minimum size of a Text Caption is determined by the existing size of the Bitmapped Image used. This explains why you cannot make it smaller than a certain size.


                  If you want something smaller, you will need to either create a custom image set to use as Captions or possibly layer in a Highlight Box object followed by layering in a Transparent Caption above it.


                  I'm assuming by "the check box to apply to various settings" means the "Apply to All"?


                  If that's correct, this simply allows you to apply the same settings to all Captions on either this particular slide or the whole project.


                  Hopefully this helps... Rick



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                    ahh yes of course, so imprecise of me! i was referring to text captions. thanks for the explanation. i think i have to just keep plugging away and hopefully i'll get it. thanks so much!