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    Importing Word File creates single topic, tons of bookmarks

      OK, I am a fossilized RH user way back from X3, currently learning version 8. My dilemma is this:


      • Need to create a simple HTML help file for an application, using a User Guide authored by a predecessor, in Word 2003.
      • I start RoboHelp HTML and select "Import Word File".
      • I do not convert the TOC, as I want to create one myself once I am in RH.
      • I don't edit any of the conversion settings either, I leave it as is.
      • When converted, the User Guide creates a single topic, which contains the entire User Guide. All the chapter and section headings are set as bookmarks instead of separate topics.
      • If I do a compile to HTML Help, the TOC will display the same as it was generated in RH, but I get a 404 error in the content pane, which is strange since everything is stored locally on my hard drive. Did I miss a step?


      I am likely doing something wrong, and not remembering some step, but I figured this might be the best place to find out where I am going wrong as I attempt to master this newfangled RoboHelp version. Could it be the way my Word file is formatted? Or will I have to create my topics and manually do the copy/paste/re-format thing once it is imported, not saving me any time whatsoever....


      Gah! Help!




      ~Descending into RoboH***