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    VirtualDub to DV-AVI ~ Red Line...

    Kodebuster Level 3

      Using VDub to DV-AVI before loading into PE4, I noticed that my converted file had the infamous 'Red Line' above it, suggesting it should be rendered for better viewing (and workflow).


      How I got here is not pretty, but I'll give you the workflow:


      An old analog tape to Sony Mini-DVD Handycam.

      Export from Handycam as Mpeg2.

      Mpeg2 to Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

      Export from WMM as DV-AVI type I

      DV-AVI to VDub, output as DV-AVI II.


      The reason I don't go Mpeg2 to VDub is I get a constant Audio Compression error, so I goto WMM first.


      Surprisingly, this seems to work fine and the vid/audio quality is acceptabe (considering where I started).


      Because of the 'Red Line', the monitor view within PE is ugly, but Burn to Folder and play is okay (no jerk or sync issue).


      I don't recall seeing Red on DV-AVI from VDub in the past, and was wondering if others witness the same (or maybe it's my weird workflow on Assets for this Project)...