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    Complex Java Object --> Flex using RemoteClass

      I have a complex Java Object on server side (with LCDS running) - example below

      Person is a java class with three attributes:
      --> name: java.lang.String
      --> age: int
      --> residencyInfo: mypackage.ResidencyEnum

      Person.class (implements Serializable)
      |-- name (String)
      |-- age (int)
      |-- residencyInfo (ResidencyEnum)

      mypackage.ResidencyEnum is a java 1.5 enum class containing three ResidencyEnum public static variables named TX, MO, NY

      I have an actionscript class for both these - Person.as and ResidencyEnum.as

      I have declared [RemoteClass(alias="....")]
      for both these, where each .as class refers to its equivalent java class.

      Now in the calling .as class, I'm requesting a REmoteObject of type "Person".
      I'm getting the Person object sent by java with "name" and "age"
      However the "residencyInfo" is coming through as null....

      The error on the console is of two kinds:
      Error# 1009 - Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
      Error #1034 - Type Coercion failed: cannot convertObject@3kd84 to ResidencyInfo

      Most examples on the web talk about how to serialize simple java DTO/VO objects with only basic data types across LCDS to Flex. I'm unable to find a solution to this problem.

      Any help appreciated.