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    Formatting issues in RoboHelp 7

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      Hi All,


      2 of my coworkers and I are currently using RoboHelp 7 to create a variety of online training courses.  We are each running the same version of RoboHelp, however one of my coworkers is having trouble with the formatting of content.


      When she opens an existing course, all of the initial formating is lost - fonts, header and footer formatting, etc.  It looks correct in the topic, but when she converts it to WebHelp or tries to preview the topic, the formatting is gone.  For example, we use HeaderFooter template that has a title in a particular font with an underline - the underline is a blue line in the form of a .gif.  When she compiles the file, the .gif looks like a rectangle, instead of a blue line.


      Also, she loses all formatting in her tables....bullets, table heading formatting.


      At times, we need to update each others content, however now, if she opens someone else's file, all formatting is lost.


      Is there anything that we can look into to see what might be happening here?

      Thanks in advance.