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    Encoding a Premiere project with WME

    lanstrad Level 1

      I have an evolving project that I have been able to export audio and video separately (AVI and WAV) then to encode with Windows Media Encoder with good results quite a few times.


      Then, suddently - and although I have been able to export to DVD succesfully, with no other changes I tried to encode the AVI and WAV again, and the output will never play !  It stops immediately on the first screen, then move to another still image about every 10 seconds. No sound, no rolling video.  If I play the assets that serve as inputs, both the AVI and WAV files play correctly, - so I assume the assets (sources) entered in WME are correct.


      This was with the x64 version of WME on Vista x64.  I installed the XP version of WME and tried to encode under XP (same files). Result : I get a video without sound.  I used the advice I got in this forum from someone to make sure I was using 44.1 and not 48 on the audio with WME, in both trials.


      Once again, I don't think I've done things differently : I have done 3 or 4 versions of this same project before with WME and it worked. I have tried to figure out what I could have set differently but can't see.


      Any insights ?





      - yeah, not too succesful these last two days with my exports and encoding...