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    Issues connecting to service (WSDL2Java)



      I am trying to connect from ColdFusion 8 to a web service. I first attempted to use the standard createObject/cfinvoke approach using the WSDL of the service, but not all of the code produced by WSDL2Java would compile. For example, some of the code was interchanging primitive int/double values with java.lang.Integer/java.lang.Double reference types. After seaching on this forum and elsewhere for any "solutions", I decided to just patch and then compile the produced code manually, wrap it in a .jar, and put it in my ColdFusion lib directory so that I could access the Java classes directly from CF. I was able to successfully get the .jar loaded in, and can access the classes, but I'm wondering,  is any way to fix the WSDL2Java mechanism CF is using so that it won't produce these code errors? It might be nice to be able to use the createObject/cfinvoke interface...


      I am not sure if it matters, but this web service is running on .NET.