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    Timeline Playback Problem


      I've got a problem playing back clips in the timeline. I'm running on a duo core intel machine with XP Pro 32 bit OS. HP Compaq dc7100cmt. Plenty of memory and a good RAID. I'm using the onboard audio which is an AC97 codec with drivers from HP. I have a Sony DSR 20 deck connected via fire wire. When I capture video I hear the audio through the computer speakers and the video monitor hooked up to the deck. When I play a clip in the timeline, I don't get any audio through the computer speakers. I can ony get audio through the monitor hooked to the deck. If I change the settings to not playback through the firewire, the timeline won't play at all. I'm not sure if this is a setting mistake on my part OR whe I connect the deck, the deck drivers get loaded in the imaging area but the computer keeps asking for drivers for an AV/C tuner which I can't figure out how to take care of. Any help would be appreciated.