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    AE GP Plugin Media IO Plugin Error - CS4

      Certain codec choices in render are giving me this error - MPEG 2 being one of them. Any ideas?




      64 Bit Vista

      NVidia GeForce 9600 GT

      8 Gigs Ram

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Penny: The most likely reason why you would get this error is: You pick a distribution format for export (H264, MPEG-2, Flash Video, etc) that takes you to the Adobe Media Encoder window. There, you set up things from a preset that requires a certain frame size for export... but that frame size doesn't match the frame size in AE's own Output Module (in the Render Queue). I personally hope that could be automated someday, because it is cumbersome and confusing. But meanwhile here's what you should do - when you pick settings in AME, you'll see a comment field (see attached picture). That comment instructs you how you should change yourself the frame size or stretch settings in AE's Output Module when you return to it from the AME window, so they match the required settings.

          Could this be the problem?

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Most MPEG-2, and a number of MPEG-4 formats work with fixed block sizes and quantization matrices, meaning they only work at specific image resolutions which you must obey. If there's a mismatch, things will go *poof*. For MPEG-4 sometimes changing the profile level fixes things at the cost of lowering general compatibility, but for MPEG-2 there is no way to change this except for designing your stuff at the correct comp sizes. also see this for some more confusion:





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              Hi Adolfo and Mylenium,

              Thanks for the speedy info on my second error message. That is the issue - I am working in a variety of sizes and an odd projector ratio. When you say that I can change the settings to accomodate my irregular comp size it sounds like it will distort the image to make it fit - is this what you mean by 'stretch'?



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                Almost forgot - thanks for the very useful link Mylenium!